Paint Meadows

You trek on, finding yourself falling deeper and deeper into the surrounding forest. The scent of musty rotting wood and plant life drift to your nose as you move. The ground grows softer, almost swamp like, but you find that your feet remain dry and clean, dispite all the mud you've walked through. How odd.

You pause every now and then to rest your feet, sitting on fallen logs or stumps while you wait. You are resting on a rotting stump when you see a large, yet graceful Paint Unicorn slowly make her way through the forest in front of you, oblivious to your presence. She's gorgeus.

You watch her head towards a meadow that is just visible a few yards from where you're sitting, then you catch sight of something moving behind the mare. A small fuzzy paint with tiny wings skips and bobs behind the yeva, chattering about something in a different lanaguage. An even tinier nai, this one looking much more delicate, follows. She hardly bats an eye to your presence; she appears to be too busy watching the fuzzy paint to really mind you being around.

The mare replies to whatever the other paint is chattering, chuckling a little, before heading out of sight through the trees into the meadow. The little paint follows.
"Hmmph. Didn't even stay for a proper introduction did they?" a masculine voice comments from behind you. A voice laced with wisdom and age. You turn and find yourself face to face with an elderly paint marked with vivid burgundy and maroon coloration. He snorts and tosses his head a little.
"Younglings..." he says, looking away and saying that under his breath, more to himself than you. The stallion raises his gaze back to you after a moment. "No matter. I am Coranaflis, meaning Heart's Gold."

You notice how much older his is than the others and he notices that you've realized this.
"I was brought here from my original realm...for reasons I don't wish to speak of," he explains, shuddering slightly. "But anyway, there are more younglings down the way, if you care to move along and see them. They know you are here, no doubt."
You thank him and move on.

The Silver Unicorn

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