Name: Tey'hala
Translation: Water Flower
ID#: 403
Gender: Mare
Glory: Eilli Havala
Class: Yeva
Parentage: 259 x 121
Birth Charity: Yian'Yiv
Current Charity: None

Name: Binin'hakli
Translation: Chocolate Surprise
ID#: 404
Gender: Stallion
Glory: Iava Quiesta
Class: Chenaida
Parentage: Wild
Birth Charity: Unknown
Current Charity: None

Name: Coranaflis
Translation: Heart's Gold
ID#: 93
Gender: Stallion
Glory: Cora Finien
Class: Theli
Parentage: 25 x 35
Birth Charity: Mirana'Jes'Eilli
Current Charity: None

The Silver Unicorn

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