Paint Meadows

Your travel isn't a long one. You soon meet up with a pair of small nai currently engaged in a berry fight of some sort. The female black paint is currently tromping about, smushing some reddish tinted berries while the male is try to sneak over and dump a pile of his own on her back. You watch, trying not to interrupt.

The male is successful in his trick, dumping several dark purple berries onto her back, staining the white parts of her hide. She shrieks in indignation and bolts after him. Both disappear from sight.
There's a lull in the action for several moments before the two Nai burst from another area of the forest. Now they've got a large Niyeva chasing after them. His grey and blue speckled hide is now colored with dark red splotches. He looks furious.

"WHEN I GET MY HOOVES ON YOU TWO, YOU'LL BE SORRY!" he thunders, galloping after them full speed. The Nai let off bursts of giggles and duck back into the forest on the other side of the clearing. The Niyeva follows.

Several forms burst from the forest burst from the forest about 50 yards away from the others.

The Silver Unicorn

The Paint Unicorns are (c) to Silvanon and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.