Raveen Valley

Luckily, the little fanged cub doesn't follow. Your pace is slower now, less hasty. It's a good thing, because you nearly overlook a greenish cub resting in a deep nest of branches and leaves. The cub is markless except for a yin yang marking on his forehead. His expression is one of mild amusement.

"Yijazi," he says suddenly, looking at you expectantly. You o.O;, having never heard such a thing roll out of a Kat's mouth. The cub slits his eyes slightly. "Yijazi," he says again, adding a little emphasis to it. You don't know what to say.
"Never mind," the cub says sourly. "Yijazi means greetings, in case you were wondering." The cub sits up, flicking his black tufted tail.
"So...you going to say anything or move on? There's another new cub nearby...her name is Hajirau...she's kind of skittish, so don't expect to see her there long." The cub looks kind of bored, eyeing you skeptically.

You move on quickly.

The Battle Prides

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