Name: Heikouu (Balance)
Gender: Male
Type: Blessed (Mix)
Parentage: Yza'bera'nie and Nuunashi (Sacred Order)
Mate: None
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: He can mage-read. His body is much like a Spirit's body, meaning it heals instantly and he has no blood/bones. His body glows a little, but not enough to make him visible in the shadows. His mane is tied back, braided, and covered with fabric-tubing. He only has one marking, and that's the Yin Yang symbol on his forehead, which is outlined in red.
He's not the type to rush in to battle, he's been taught to respect the natural order of things and not tempt fate. That doesn't mean he can't fight though. If there is no other option he will fight, but only when there is no other option. Especially if the 'attacker' was another cub, it just wouldn't be a fair fight at all. See this cub here has been trained since the first day out of infant-hood to fight/dodge. So he has more experience.
Now his Birth Pride, Sacred Order, is a very secretive Pride. It's nothing like normal Prides, either. However this cub wouldn't see any reason to talk about his Birth Pride's secrets, thats just how he was brought up. One thing this cub does know which you need to know is that Sacred Order is protected by Ancient Magic which passes on to the offspring of the pride. See him only having one marking isn't 'normal' to other Raveens, but to all the other offspring of Sacred Order it is normal. Having only one marking is a symbol of power. His element isn't really "Blessed", he's actually a Mix, but all offspring of Sacred Order are considered Blessed because of their gifts. Gifts which this cub will eventually grow in to. It takes time to learn how to focus the Blessed magic.
He also knows a bit of the Ancient language, but he doesn't speak it fluently. Yet. Although he may want to use the greeting "Qaz Nuero" or "Yijazi" instead of "hello". Qaz Nuero means, quite simply, "Good Day". Yijazi means "Greetings". And "Tasar" means "farewell" or "Goodbye". His abilities are also only activated through this language, so it'd be impossible for an ability-stealer to successfully use his abilities if they can't speak it.

Neznez Rovaveko- Freezes time for as long as the user desires.

Chazi: User of this ability instantly sprouts temporary energy wings from it's back. These wings are fully flight-capable, but if they're not used for five minutes they'll fade out of existence.

(Just incase you're curious "Neznez Rovaveko" means "Eternity of Time" and "Chazi" simply means "Wings". ^^; )

The Battle Prides

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