Raveen Valley

The strange green cub is left behind as you search the forest, looking for the young one the Blessed cub spoke of. Your search is not in vain, because you shortly find the young grey cub resting quietly on a stump. The cub has a pair of blue energy wings that sprout from behind her shoulders and oddly glowing front legs. She hasn't noticed you yet, because her eyes are closed. The young one sort of reminds you of an child-like angel, her face emitting a look of serenity.

You take one more step forward, making a little branch beneath your feet snap in half. The cub's eyes fly open instantly, all calmness from her face gone. She gives you a look, something bordering on fright and surprise, and dives from her stump into the surrounding brush, leaving you completely alone.

You move on quickly.

The Battle Prides

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