Raveen Valley

You leave the strange cub behind as you continue your trek through the Raveen Kat territory. The land doesn't change much, nor does the thickness of plant life as you go. What does change, however, is the wind. The wind has picked up slightly and you can very, very faintly hear a soft melody whispering across the breeze. Any worries you had over the cub are muted and you find yourself wandering forward in a strange sort of calmness.
You keep moving forward until you notice a Raveeness lying underneath a tree, smiling softly at you as you approach.

"Greetings," she says, nodding her head slightly to you in greeting. "I hope your travel has gone well?"
Back in your mind, you know your trip was somewhat...stressful...but right now, all you can think of is calmness. You don't respond. She chuckles somewhat at your lack of answer.
"Ah...I'm sorry. My Chime-charm is at it again." The Raveeness sits up and smiles apologetically at you.
"Don't worry, the effect will wear off once you're out of audible range."

You quickly move on.

The Battle Prides

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