Raveen Valley

You leave the mix raveeness, slowing falling out of the calm trance she put you in via her chime-charm. The enviroment around you cools and the trees thicken. The ground is now covered in a thick blanket moss, very soft underneath your feet. A sudden movement to your left is noticed out of the corner of your eye, making you turn to face whatever it is that has perched on a fallen log.
The figure is dark brown, definately feline, and covered in shaggy fur. The Kat's eyes are rimmed in back, matching the markings sprinkled on her shoulders and back. She eyes you quietly a moment, then nods. You are pure of soul...therefore you are welcome in my home. I am Dyoniel.

The kat slinks off her log, flashing a pair of oddly formed vestigal wings and a tail that doesn't quite attach to her body into view. She notes or senses your surprise.
This is normal for an Afterworld Kat, she says calmly, sitting down in front of you. You need not tell me why you are wandering. You have had a long journey and I can read your thoughts.
You grin at the Kat sheepishly. She gives you a knowing smile.
Yes, I am gifted. But you are not here to see just me. Continue on, brave traveler. This path is never-ending.
She bows to you, then waves a thin-digited paw in the direction of the path. You move on

The Battle Prides

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