Name: Dyoniel
Gender: Female
Type: Afterworld
Parentage: None
Mate: None
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Has perfect night vision, is long-haired but isn't affected by the temperature at all - be it cold or hot , spots cover both shoulders and a bit of her back, Her eyes are rimmed in black. Her front paws are a bit different than the average Raveens paws, being thinner and more hand like, this is a normal trait for her element. The third 'finger' of both front paws is lacking a claw, this is not a mutation. Claws on her front paws cannot be sheathed. Her wings are made up of six parts each, they do not fold rather they decrease to the first two parts and appear like they're vestigal wings. They are fully flight capable when fully flared and are actually more powerful than the normal dragonic wing. Her tail is not attached to her, but moves as if it were. The tail spade is sharp enough to cut cleanly through bone. Her eyes do not reflect light when in the shadows. She has a thin build. She doesn't have any parents, no Afterworld Kats do. They're created as cubs, not born. Having no parents really doesn't bother them, growing up around other Afterworld Kats like them it's the norm. She didn't grow up in the Inner Dimension, she grew up in a place outside the physical world. Upon reaching young adulthood Afterworld Kats pass over to the physical world, fully aware of what to expect.

Power Notes: She can Mage-read and is of an Ultimate Element, thus is immune to all but the Void's elements abilities, Undeads and other Ultimate Elements. If wounded through her thick fur she heals instantly, no matter how severe the wound as long as it is not caused by an Undead or demon. Her claws can become enriched with electrical energy, so when she flicks a paw towards a target she can send two 'slashes' their way which will explode upon contact. She can Reality Slide, which is basically a type of teleportation where the user seems to slide in to an unseen portal and reappear somewhere else. This isn't very powerful though, it only allows her to Reality Slide to a place she can see or has been. Her eyes, freaky at first glance due to their eerie ghostly look, can actually see in to a Raveen's soul if she desires. This is basically a gift all Afterworld Kats have which allows them to see the true alignment of the Kat in question, either good, evil or nuetral. Her wings can be deadly if touched when this Raveeness is in pain, as they become the embodiment of death at that point and instantly drain the life of anyone who touches them. This does restore the Afterworld Kat's lifeforce, fully healing them, but it's effects are only reversable by a Mage or Soul.

Hell's Gates: Flames engulf the area the target(s) is in, burning it severly and slowing it's movements immensly. If contact with the flames lasts longer than 3 minutes the target(s)'s body will begin to turn to ash.

Heaven's Gates: Light engulfs the area the target(s) is in, blinding it instantly. When the blindess is in effect the target(s) will see nothing but light. If used against an Undead it will cause more than just blindness, it will drain the Undead of almost all of it's remaining lifeforce, severly weakening it.

Twin Curse: Summons Rakakii, the two-headed six-winged dragon lord of the higher and lower armies. Rakakii is not a normal summon, he is fully sentient and not an ability at all. This ability merely opens the portal for Rakakii to pass through. He will due as the Afterworld Kat asks, using his powers over fire, light, earth, water, wind, and electricity to help. Any attack Rakakii uses upon a target, or a group of targets, will cause as much or as little damage as he wishes. However he will only attack, he will not protect, and can only remain in the physical world for 10 minutes. Can only be used once every 24hrs.

The Battle Prides

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