Name: Aylani
Gender: Female
Type: Illusion/Moon
Parentage: Joraruu x Lambent
Mate: None
Birth Pride: Shifting Mirage
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: She can mindspeak and read the minds of any Kat which can't soul-read/mage-read. In her mane, just above her left ear, is a red flower-gem which she found while training. The petals of this flower-gem are real, whereas the center of the flower is a glowing yellow gem. It holds a minor power, it's able to keep little things alive once death is almost iminent. Due to this the flower petals will never die unless the gem is taken out for some reason or other. It can't be used to keep a Kat alive, but can keep a Mimic or something around that size alive.

She has two stud earrings, one of which holds a hanging item known as a Charm-chime. This Charm-chime is an unique item that is only given to those of the Gifted. It grants the wearer the power to sense evil, as well as providing a powerful upgrade to the wearer's abilities. It also releases a melody when the wind catches it. The melody released by this Charm-chime causes everyone nearby to feel calm, it also puts them under a minor spell which allows the wearer to make suggestions to the sentient creature nearby, kind of a minor mind-control. However the wearer does not have to make use of this minor power, but the melody will still cause all those nearby to feel calm.

Now this Mix Raveeness also has a power over wind. She can't create wind, but she can manipulate it - ie cause active wind to powerup and become destructive, calm powerful wind, form tornadoes, create powerful waves of wind out of active wind which can cut like blades upon flesh. She is called a Gifted because of this power, and the ability to handle a Charm-chime, something non-Gifteds can't do.

She stayed with her parents until she was out of infancy, thats when she was called upon by The Unnamed One, a powerful Kat who teaches those born under the Winds of Season. This Kat teaches her followers how to fight, how to respect all forms of life, and most of all how to tap in to the power bestowed upon them. Those called upon are trained until reaching adulthood, when they can leave the sacred training grounds and return to their homes.

Illusion Seeker: Causes the target(s) to instantly become blind, deaf, or mute, or all three. While blind the target(s) can't see anything, even with their mind. While deaf a target can't hear anything, even with his/her mind. While mute the target can't speak, even with his/her mind. Lasts as long as the user desires.

Unseen Illusions: Summons up to six ghost-like wolf sized hounds. These hounds will not take precise orders from their summoner, they will protect any good targets in the area while attacking any evil targets in the area, but they will not take direct orders - ie they won't protect one particular target if another needs it more; they won't search out someone. They can't take damage, but can deal it, their damage is only claw/tooth. Will remain until summoner desires them to be unsummoned.

Become: A powerful shapeshifting ability which allows the user to either phase, take on rock-armor, become metal, become living flame, or become living water for as long as the user wishes it.

Do note that her abilities are only upgraded because of her Charm-chime, so if an ability stealer killed her they'd only get the normla, weaker, abilities she would've normally had - not her unique-unique ones. The Charm-chime cannot be removed by anyone but this Mix. If someone else tries to remove it, they will have the life sucked out of them.

The Battle Prides

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