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The sweet scent of hay fills the air as you approach a large barn-like structure with the doors wide open, inviting you inside. As you move closer, you can see movement and slowly, you can make the figure out to be JadeEye. She's in human form now, lacking the feathered wings, horn, and green stripes that you've used to seeing her have. Instead, she has fair skin, blond hair, and wears a pair of overalls. She grins at you and puts down the pitchfork she was using, motioning you to come inside.

"I was wondering when you were gonna get here. I see you found Versali Stables," She grins again, extending and sweeping her hand towards the stalls that line the stables.

"Versali Stables specializes in ponies of all colorations and traits. I also run all the pony shows and races that are sponsored by this stable. Would you like to see one of our favorite ponies?

She leads you over to a spacious stall and opens the door. A small, grey stallion peeks out, ears moving back and forth.

"This is Versali's Serenity Flight. One of our finest breeding stallions." Jade holds out a carrot for the pony in one hand, scratching his head with the other.

The stallion blinks sleepily at Jade, snuffling the carrot-holding hand, and accepting the treat without further prodding.

"I've got stall cleaning duty so I'm afraid I can't give you a tour...but feel free to look around on your own." Jade leads the pony back to his stall and snaps the latch, making sure that the clasp catches. She gives you a friendly wave and gathers up her pitchfork.

"Enjoy yourself! You might be lucky enough to catch a foaling while you're here. We're always looking for good homes for our ponies." With that, she moves off down a few stalls, disappearing into the darkness.

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