Paint Meadows

Further away, you can see a group of four paints, all varying in size and coloration. Most of them seem to be pure blooded paints, but one is obviously not. This oddly colored paint, or zebracorn as you finally figure out, is having a chat with an icey blue mare. Awwie, they're so cute. :D

Further away, a pair of larger unicorns feast on windfallen apples, also in a conversation of sorts, carried on between bites of fruit. One is a slender theli mare that resembles Verde quite a bit. She seems to carry his coloration as well as his gentle aura.

The stallion is quite massive in contrast with violent reds and blacks upon his hide. Regardless of the color theme, he seems to be gentle and honor-bound, his eyes glittering with an air of generousity.

The meadow seems to expand while you're standing there, giving you the ability to see more figures in the distance.

The Silver Unicorn

The Paint Unicorns are (c) to Silvanon and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.