Paint Meadows

One theli mare is prancing about, flitting a pair of pale pink vestigal wings, giving off the aura of something so adorable, it's almost sickening. She whinnies with glee as she bounces about, her golden mane and tail flung from her body like a banner. At her side is a small nai paint who has the same gold color on her hide yet her mane and tail is a vivid blue tipped in white.

Nearby is a pair of stallions, only these two are ambling at a more leisurely pace, conversing about something in hushed tones. One of the stallions bears only natural colors on his hide, soft and muted against his white coat. He has an air of meekness and keeps his gaze averted from the stallion most of the time.

The other stallion is a bright blue with a violet mane and tail tuft. This one seems a bit more sure of himself, being the one paint of the two that does the most talking. He looks to be a lively sort, full of energy.

Resting at the edge of a small book is another paint, this one bearing almost every color of the spectrum upon herself. Her tiny little wings are glowy, which is something that you've yet to see on a paint in this realm. Her coat is marked with pale little starburst-patterns and also has the sunset colored mane and tail that you saw on Cheilli.

As you move to leave the meadow, a dark shadow passes over you, causing you to look up. High above you is the lithe form of a massively-winged theli mare with a rainbow mane and tail. She gives a whinny of greeting to those below before circling away and disappearing down into the trees, perhaps landing to visit some of the other unicorns.

The Silver Unicorn

The Paint Unicorns are (c) to Silvanon and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.