The stable grounds are light and airy, the feeling of spring drifting across the slight breeze that brushes your face as you head for the main stable. As you walk, you notice that people are entering and exiting the main buildings, carrying bags and boxes, as well as shiny new tack. Booths displaying vibrant colored blankets and tasty food items also line the walkway. It's clear something special is happening at Versali Stables.
As you near the main stable building, the crowd thickens considerably near the doors. There's a large sign there, which the crowd seems to be reading.

Greetings! Welcome to the Festival of Rebirth, a celebration held during the first few weeks of spring in order to celebrate the change of weather and the regrowth of the earth. Feel free to wander the grounds and take advantage of all the games and give-aways available, but make sure you only take what is allowed. Make sure you sign in when you visit, as I'll be doing random draws from the entrants there. I hope you enjoy your visit!