Color A Pony/Unipeg

Color the available outlines using any method you wish (computer or hand) and email them to me. You may color both the pony outline and the unipeg outline but you may only win one. Winners (one for unipeg and one for pony) received the outline colored like their entry. I will judge this contest. Keep in mind that colors must be NATURAL. Limit is two entries per person (2 pony entries AND 2 Unipeg entries)
The Pony Outline
The Unipeg Outline
Note: Outline images are larger than normal pony images for those who will be computer coloring.
Entries-There are none
Draw a Pony/Unipeg

Draw a pony or unipeg using whatever method you wish and email them to me. Keep in mind that colors must be NATURAL. Ponies must have regular traits (no dragon tails or whatever ^_~) and unipegs have tufted tails and a horn. I will choose 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Winners will receive a pony drawn like their entry. Limit is two entries (2 pony entries OR 2 unipeg entries OR 1 pony and one unipeg entry) and you may only win once. Entries-There are none
Writing Contest

Write a short story or poem regarding ponies. Limit one entry per person. I will choose 1st and 2nd place winners. Winners will receive a pair of custom unipegs or ponies. Please keep the stories short! (nothing more than two pages hand-written).
Entries-There are none
Quiz Contests
Try your luck at getting the highest score on this quiz! High score receives a random pony! These quizzes will pop up into a new window.
How Well Do You Know JadeEye
I have several riddles that I'd like you to answer. First person to email me the correct answer wins. Winners receive a random pony. YOu may only email me one answer to a riddle at a time and you may only win a max of two times.

The Riddle Page