...Adopt a Pony...

There will be ponies available on April 2nd at the Orchard. The winners will be drawn via random draw. A few small random batches will be adopted out shortly after that. Keep your eyes open. ^_~ Extended breedings will also be available at random times.

A pony round-up will be taking place on April 1st. The pony round-up is a hunt-type contest that allows 6 participants to join JadeEye in capturing new stock for Versali Stables. If you manage to catch a pony, you will have the option of taking it home with you or trading it with someone else. If you wish to participate, please email me (jadey_lady@yahoo.com) with the following information:
Homepage URL:
Have you adopted before?

I will be taking a max of 6 people on this trip, therefore it is imporant to get your form in ASAP! In the event that I must change the date of the hunt (you know how unpredictable families can be), I will contact all those involved.