As soon as you touch the whirling mass of gas and dust, you are sucked in. Only seconds pass while you move through complete darkness, feeling yourself moving at a very quick pace, before a blinding light flashes and you feel yourself hitting solid ground. You remain on the ground a moment as you try to regain sense of where you are. Once the room stops spinning and spots stop flashing in front of your eyes, you grasp the closest object, which happens to be a desk, and haul yourself to your feet.

You find yourself in a large room with huge windows along three of the walls, deep brown doors and window frames, and cream colored walls. Bookcases with rows and rows of books line the solid wall behind you. The whole area looks like an office of some sort. You head over to the book case and squint, trying to read the fading lettering on the book's bindings. The ones that you do manage to read all deal with animals of some sort. Huh.
Finding nothing else really that interesting over on the book case, you head back to the desk. A few more books lay scattered all over the desk, as well as several stacks of papers. You hesitantly look over the volumes on the desk, which all look like they've been taken care of better, but it's obvious they are well-used.

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You replace all the books once you've looked them over before scanning other bits and pieces scattered on the desk. There is a small orb that swirls with deep purple and blue and mildly resembles the portal you took to get here. You hesitantly reach out and touch the orb with a finger. There's a slight whooshing noise and a light breeze from behind you. When you turn, you see a portal waiting, swirling placidly as it waits.

Enter the Portal

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