Samanayr Hotsprings

Mountainous terrain rises up around you suddenly as you fall from the portal and land, rather hard, on a bed of gravel. You yelp loudly once you hit.
"What?! Who's there?" a feminine voice suddenly says, tone suspicious. A scaled blue head rises up over a group of large boulders. It turns this way and that before locking on you.
"Oh. Just you," she says, snorting lightly.
Sakia Windtide, Female, From Wind's Tide, Dual-dreadlock mane is a somewhat recessive trait
The creature steps around the boulders daintily before bursting into snickers.
"Softfoot. No wonder you yelped so hard." She paws the ground upon which you landed. "The least you could have done was land in the bush." To that, she tosses her head to the left. There you see a dead looking bush. At least it would have broken your fall.

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