Amanayr Meadows

You appear in yet another meadow but you are instantly face-to-face with a, not a zebra. The equine is far too delicate to be a zebra. It snorts and backs up, pawing at the earth with tuft-covered hooves.

Name: Koryzeky'sa'y'lyralays'anerya
Translation: Breaking of the Moonlit Ice
Species: Amanayr
Gender: Female
Parents: Unknown

You also back up, trying to calm the creature down by showing you don't intend on approaching it. The mare blinks and relaxes a little, reaching down to take a mouthful of grass before she watches you again. You both stare at each other for some time until finally the mare turns and flees for the safety of a nearby stand of trees.

You shrug and look around, seeking movement of another of the Amanayrs kind. You are rewarded by a stallion with orange and reddish coloration, bearing a rose in his jaws. He o.O;s and looks around, probably for the mare, and snorts. Poor guy. He sniffs the air, then turns on a hoof and heads towards where the mare fled to, mane and tail fluffing and bouncing with his movements.

Name: Natraek
Translation: Rogue
Species: Amanayr
Gender: Male
Parents: Unknown

As the other amanayr leaves, two more amanayrs able into view. One is an emerald green stallion and the other a fluffy white mare with speckles. They're chatting about something in a foreign tongue, completely oblivious to your presence.
Kylarar (Breeze)Nolarez'shan (Fallen Leaf)
They don't really see you at all, so you don't get a proper greeting from either. Instead, you watch them walk away, admiring their colorful coats.

The City of Shar