As you make your way across this meadow, you look around at your surroundings and see the soft shimmer of light dancing across water. It appears that his meadow is home to a large pond which is full of huge water lily blooms. The heavy scent of these blossoms nearly overtakes your senses. Luckily, the appearance of a small paint unicorn drags snags your attention before the flowers make you too drowsy.

"Sella li, traveler. I am Kytret and you've entered the lands of Charity li Tey'Yelivsta. Tey'Yelivsta is a nai only charity and is actually a large charity in the manner of members. At this time, we have only a few foals, but time will cure that." He smiles a bit. "We are still accepting members, both mares and stallions alike, if you know of any interested paints. Pairs are also accepted here. Those interested should take an application."

Kytret pauses briefly but continues soon after. "We are a closed charity so if you'd like to foster a foal, we require that you obtain permission and notify JadeEye if such is granted." Your name will be written down in the books as having permission from that specific pair. Now, if you have further questions, don't be afraid to ask. Please feel free to stop and chat with the members and the offspring of this charity."

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The Silver Unicorn

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