Whorling Meadows

Overhead, a gryphon-type whorling glides, letting out a shrill call to those below before disappearing in the direction of a rising mountain chain in the distance.

While you are looking upwards at the gryphon, a large black form with...a floating head...disappears into the brush just a few yards from you. It's quite a sight, that's for sure. You nearly wet your pants.

The whorling passes without problem, so you relax considerably until a voice pipes up behind you.
"Comfortable? Or are you sufficiently freaked out now?" a silver and blue equine says, stepping into view. He looks friendly enough, no fangs or horns. He muses as he looks you over, flicking his lion-like tail.

"You might want to move on before the floating head whorling comes back. I hear she's hungry..."

The EverRealm

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