Leagi Meadows

You trudge along now, very tired of walking.
"Tired?" a soft voice queries, lilting from the brush. A green head is poked through the brush, crowned with a lush tuft of pink mane.
You nod a little, grinning sheepishly.
"You look like you need a rest," the mare remarks as she remains mostly hidden by the brush. "I'd invite you to stay and chat but we're heading somewhere right now."

Name: Roamn
Species: Leagus
Gender: Female
Parents: ???
Pri~erd: None"

You o.O when she says we. There's only one leagus in sight. At least, there was. Another head, this one blue, has poked through the branchs so she can inspect you.
"Look Aquaz. We have a visitor."
The blue mare giggles.

Name: Aquaz
Species: Leagus
Gender: Female
Parents: ??
Pri~erd: None

"Can't we stay for awhile?" the blue mare whines, looking at her companion with a pleading gaze.
"Sorry Aquaz, but we need to see what is going on. We HAVE to go."

The blue mare sulks and disappears from sight, leaving the green mare to give the farewells.
Once done, you continue on your way.

The EverRealm

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