Leagi Meadows

You move on, feeling slightly guilty for making the insect-legged mare nervous. Your guilt is short lived however, because you come across some more interesting leagi. They all great you in the same manner as the rest. The first, a rather...strange mare, introduces herself as Punked.
Punked, Female, No Pri~erd
The second, a vivid white mare with a rainbow glow about her is introduced as Ghost of Christmas Past. She smiles benignly at you before moving off.
Ghost Of Christmas Past, Female, Fleeting Dream (http://battleprides.net/0Myrror-FleetingDream.html)
Another mare, this one a slate grey with a rainbow colored robotic formation on her leg, is simply called Mage. She eyes you warily and fluffs her tail, but says nothing otherwise.
Mage, Female, No Pri~erd
The last, a stallion, is obviously an Undead. His whole skull is fleshless, as well as his tail. Bones poke through to the open air on various other areas. He hisses at you, snapping his jaws together, but issues no further comment. It's unknown if he can talk at all.
Rott, Male, No Pri~erd

You get away from the Undead as soon as possible.

The EverRealm

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