Tufta Meadows

The thing that catches your eye is another tufta...but this is not an ordinary tufta. This one is in possession of many, many pieces of jewelry, let alone all the feathers twined into her mane and attached to her tail. The female is also gifted with a pair of wings, colored in purples and white.
SaBiih, Wild Parentage, Aspect: A,E
,Mutation: y,y - Winged
You look to ZaiRyn for explanation. He smirks slightly but does so. "That is SaBiih...a special Tufta I guess you'd say. She has an odd connection with demiwolves and because of that, is considered very wise and special. It is rumored that she actually lived in a clan of them!" he babbles, his expression one of awe. "Whatcha talking about?" a young, girlish voice demands suddenly from behind you. An absolutely adorable female kit sits only a few feet away, looking at you with child-like innnocence. She's marked with brownish stripes and she has a sprout of russet colored mane.
YuuLii, SeVinn x ChanLi, Aspect: W,sh^, Mutation: N,y
"Just SaBiih," ZaiRyn says without hesitation, giving the cub a look with an arched eyebrow. The cub silently "ooohs".

Tufta Adoptions

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