Raveen Valley

The eerie forest scenery remains as you move deeper into this new forest. There's actually a thin fog that moves between the trees, making it difficult to see a few yards ahead of where you look. Luckily, you don't have to to go far before you find the inhabitant of this territory. Gnawing viciously on a rabbit is some kind is a cub, black with a white hood and cape-like patch over her head and back. The cub's tiny fangs glint as she chomps on a bit of flesh. You ugh.
The cub immediately looks up, flesh still in her mouth, and narrows her eyes. She growls.

The flesh in her jaws is swallowed whole before she speaks, snarling out a "What do YOU want?" sort of accusation. Fiesty little thing.
You attempt to explain yourself but the cub growls again.
"I don't care. Get lost!" The cub leaves her meal, advancing on you. She bares her fangs, which look suspicously like vampire fangs. As much as you just want to talk, you don't want to be bitten. At all.

You move on quickly.

The Battle Prides

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