Name: Kafnaii
Gender: Male
Type: Unknown (Hybrid)
Parentage: Sheahrri x Erashraj
Mate: None
Dimension: ?
Diety: ?

Notes: Both of his wings are not flight capable, and show off the fact he's half mortal and half demon(since mini-wings are a common sign of demonic-ness/pure-ness when they aren't a mutation). His lower chin as you'll notice is stained with blood, this is because he is a blood drinker and, well, really he doesn't care enough to clean the blood off his face. He only drinks blood to get the nutrients he needs to survive, he doesn't need to eat meat or drink water. Half of his face is covered in visible white bone, this is not a mask but an actual part of his skeletal system. It's a trait her inherited from his demon father. He has several naturally broken spikes down his neck which are so jagged they're even more dangerous than normal spikes. The visible horn emerges from the lower cheek on the bone side of his face. It's quite sharp. He's a twin, and because he's half demon it's safe to say he's not 'right' in his head. Althought he's evil on his own he has a darker side which can emerge at anytime, anywhere. This darker side is purely demonic, so as you can imagine it has no 'good' or 'kind' emotions. However his darker side only comes out when his just plain evil side is weakened by a possible attack, or just can't handle something. One more important detail is he can't be in direct moonlight, if he gets caught in it his flesh will start to burn as it attempts to purify him. Due to this at night he'll have to stay out of direct moonlight, staying beneath trees, in caves, and other areas where the moonlight cannot touch.

Power Notes: He can Demon-read, which is the same as Mage-read just he can sense good/evil. Due to his demonic side he can cause the bones covering his face to multiply and basically end up with a fully armored body, which will look quite demonic and be inpiercable. However while in this form his movements are slowed a bit. He can, like his mother and sister, cause a target to be shrunk down to the size of a doll and keep them that way for as long as he wishes. While the target is in doll form it cannot move or talk, only think. He can also move objects(of any size) with his front paws using telekinesis, which can even be used to force an ability to miss it's target.

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