Fei'daqq Meadows

The approaching figures are dark in coloration, one blue with green and the other blue with purple. Both are mares and bear odd jewelry-type objects. The blue and purple mare has a tight bandage over her chest and walks like every step hurts her. She sort of glares at you.

Name: Tocheivsoos'Lore
Translation: Unbreakable Spirit
Species: Fei'daqq
Gender: Female
Chatqui: Shade and Mist
Parents: Wild

Tikebax introduces this mare as "Tocheivsoos'Lore". The second mare looks a bit more agressive, bearing chains around her chest and legs. She gives you a loud snort and stomps a hoof.

Name: Destaah
Translation: Steadfast
Species: Fei'daqq
Gender: Female
Chatqui: Flame and Shade
Parents: Unknown

"This is Destaah...she's not really one of our most social mares, if you couldn't tell." Tikebax flashes the irrate mare an apologetic grin, which makes the mare give a sort of growling snort before stomping away.

The Forest of Entiquou

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