Frondari Meadows

The other figures are indeed frondari, and very colorful ones at that. The first is a male who is marked similiar to a Thompson's Gazelle. His dark eyes glint with mischief as he bucks by you very closely, nearly making you fall back on your rear. This makes him erupt with shrill equine-like laughter.
"I'd never actually hit you," he crows.
Savannah Jumping Humid Daytime, Male
"Savannah, leave them alone," a dark colored mare with a vibrant blue mane and tail tuft chides, ambling up and flashing an apologetic grin to you. "He acts just like a foal at times, but he's really a nice guy."
Eclipse Covering Illuminated Moon, Female
The antelope stallion lifts a brow and gives the mare a roguish grin. "Wow Eclipse, I didn't know you cared." He waggles his lifted brow before romping off to join the previously introduced Frondari. The mare shakes her head and sighs.
At this time, the other figure, a palamino mare with colorful bands in her mane, heads your way, giving you a skeptical look over.
Sun Reflecting Vivid Rays, Female


Name: Savannah Jumping Humid Daytime
Head: HH, dd
Eyes: GG
Mane: H*L, s*s*, LL-WW
Wings: nn, S*T, WW
Antlers: dd
Tail: Hd, s*s*, LC-WW
Feet: Dh, wwww
Markings: t*t*, MM, R*S, uu, Ld, LL
Color: TT
Mutation: Nyn*
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild

Name: Eclipse Covering Illuminated Moon
Head: HH, dd
Eyes: BB
Mane: H*d, tt, CC-CC
Wings: YY, TT, LL-CC
Antlers: AA
Tail: L*L*, tt, CC-CC
Feet: Dh, dddd
Markings: pp, S*M, Sf*, Eu, N*N*, CC
Color: LW
Mutation: NNn*
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild

Name: Sun Reflecting Vivid Rays
Head: Hl, dd
Eyes: BB
Mane: H*H*, SS, WW
Wings: nn, S*S*, LL
Antlers: dd
Tail: L*L*, SS, WW
Feet: Dh, dddd
Markings: pt*, S*S*, R*b, uu, N*L, LR-WW
Color: LT
Mutation: Nyy
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild

The Nameless Forest