Frondari Meadows

The frondari meadows are large and spacious, littered with groupings of trees and bushes. A small creek runs through the center of the meadow, the shores covered with pebbles and fine sand. You pause at the edge of the water, dipping your fingertips in to feel the temperature of the water. While you are doing so, you see a reflection of a frondari face beside you. You look up and see an older frondari mare smiling down at you.
"Hello," she says, dipping her head. "I see you finally made it to the frondari meadows."
Breeze Whispering Silent Melodies, Female
"I'm glad to say I'm no longer living in the meadows alone. Two fine Frondari males have joined me, happy to find a place to live after wandering their old home."
She motions towards a stand of trees where a large stallion, grey in coloration with shaggy white mane and tail, stands, gazing skyward.

Blizzard Blowing Frozen Rain, Male

"That is Blizzard Blowing Frozen Rain, the older stallion of this realm. He tends to keep to himself, as you can see," Breeze explains, adjusting her wings. "Rabbit Chasing Black Pebble is probably out chasing butterflies again," the old mare comments, her muzzle quirking into a smile. "He's a young one, so full of energy. Makes me wish I was as energetic as he is."
While she goes off on a tangent about being young, you can see the young stallion bucking and prancing across the meadows, throwing back his head and just enjoying life as he goes. Beside him skips a young foal, whinny and shrieking loudly as he follows the adult.
Leaper Chasing Fluffy Cloud, Male
They look similiar...they muse be father and son!
Rabbit Chasing Black Pebble, Male
"Anyway, if you are truely bored, you can read our genetics, but good luck deciphering them." Breeze winks at you before moving off to a shady spot, laying down to nap.
More figures move in the distance.


Name: Breeze Whispering Silent Melodies
Head: Hl, WW
Eyes: G*b
Mane: H*H*, Ss*, TT
Wings: Yn, S*S*, RR
Antlers: dd
Tail: L*L*, SS, TT
Feet: hh, NNNN
Markings: O*t, MM, SS, G*E, LL, TC
Color: RW
Mutation: N*Nn*
Gender: Female
Parents: s1 X m1 (old herd)

Name: Blizzard Blowing Frozen Rain
Head: Hl, Wd
Eyes: GG
Mane: LL, Ss*, WW
Wings: YY, S*b, LC
Antlers: dd
Tail: dd, SS, WW
Feet: Dh, wwww
Markings: pt*, MM, R*S, uu, N*N*, WW
Color: LW
Mutation: yyn*
Gender: male
Parents: wild

Name: Rabbit Chasing Black Pebble
Head: HH, N*N*
Eyes: GG
Mane: H*H*, SS, TW
Wings: nn, S*s, WC
Antlers: Ad
Tail: dd, SS, WW
Feet: hh, NNww
Markings: pp, MM, bf*, EE, LL, LL
Color: RG
Mutation: NNy
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild

Name: Leaper Chasing Fluffy Cloud
Head: Hl, N*W
Eyes: GP
Mane: H*d, Ss*, LW
Wings: nn, sb*, TW-TC
Antlers: AA
Tail: L*d, Ss*, RW
Feet: Dh, dwww
Markings: pt*, Ml, R*b, Eu, N*L, LL
Color: GG
Mutation: N*Ny
Gender: Male
Parents: Fm55w x Ff23w

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